The RadioMan® Live On-Air interface is fully accessible through a web browser, enabling you to control the management of the program, Cartwall items, and playout nodes from any Windows PC or tablet. The user interface can also operate in virtual environments like the Lawo VSM.

The Media Node playout device can be a physical device or a service in a virtual environment or in the cloud. The Media Node supports physical audio cards, different virtual IP Audio flavors and audio streaming.

Control the broadcast from anywhere

You can open the On-Air application from any workstation in a studio or elsewhere. Users with necessary access rights can control the On-Air playout, manage the programme content such as inserting or reordering items or just view the playout status of a particular Media Node.

Streamlined RADIOMAN LIVE user interface

You can control the RadioMan Live user interface functions by mouse or touch-screen and keyboard shortcuts are available for basic commands. The On-Air interface windows include playlist,
playout control buttons, Cartwall, info window, and fading tool.

You can edit the Cartwall sheets to be user or programme specific or public to everyone. Each sheet can have 36 audio jingles, station or programme IDs, songs, or commercial spots.

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