RadioMan’s versatile administration tools are designed for supervising the planning and on-air activities.

Administration made effortless

The administration section allows you to define user profiles and access rights, manage folders for different types of data, plugins and connections, audit logs, playout history, now playing information, and the overall administration of channels and studios of your organization.

Role-based user rights

RadioMan admin tools come with role-based user rights management. This means you can define roles based on which specific activities and actions different users need to be able to perform.

RadioMan’s administration tools allow users, e.g., to easily report traffic and music and keep track of spot as run –reports and manual playout history, as well as historical data such as audit logs per media type or users.


Role-based user rights management improves usability with role-based metadata configuration.

RadioMan also has an easy and simple unit management. It allows, for example, viewing and configuring converters and media nodes.


As RadioMan is designed for large radio broadcasters with either national or international coverage, even extensive data management is made possible. That includes channels, studios, folders, now-play, categories, classification, etc.